Monday, September 26, 2005

Why this blog exists + Declaration of Principles


"We all go a little mad sometimes."

From October 1st to January 1st, I will be watching one movie per day and blogging about my reactions to these movies here.

As the start date for this grand experiment in persistence and commitment draws nearer and nearer, I thought it'd be fun to write about who the hell I am, what the hell provoked me to do this, and what the hell I hope to accomplish from this endeavor.

But to kick this off in a style that is at once ironic, reflexive, and earnest, I thought I'd take a page from that great grandaddy of marvelous cinematic characters, Charles Foster Kane, and treat everyone to this blog's very own "Declaration of Principles."


Bernstein: You don't want to make any promises, Mr. Kane, that you don't want to keep.
Kane: These will be kept.

I. I will watch one movie a day starting from October 1st, 2005 and ending January 1, 2006. In the interests of providing myself a safety net, I reserve 4 'days off' for myself. However, within a week of taking a day off, I will watch 2 movies on one of the following days.

II. During this time, I will watch no more than 4 movies that I have previously seen within the past 5 years. The bulk of the movies watched will be completely new to me or only vaguely remembered from the years past.

III. I will publish a post on this blog within 24 hours after watching a movie. Generally, this means that I will watch a movie at night and post sometime during the next day about said movie.

IV. I will write with clarity and insight. I will proof each post for spelling, punctuational, and grammatical mistakes at least once.

V. In the event that I am unable to continue this blog within the constraints of these principles, I will cease the blog immediately, inform all readers thereof, and submit myself to the mercy of the Movie Gods (assuming the previous two entities exist).

David Wester