Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've updated the title of the blog to reflect my habits more accurately. I had a sudden influx of video editing work in the fall that prevented me from finding the necessary minutes to continue writing. I am only now starting to feel like life is normal again. I'm planning to create a new site in the next few months. Will undoubtedly be writing about some movies as time allows.

In brief: Go see Coraline Despite some of its amatuerishness, the film delivers a startling visual kick that is more than worth the price. The 3D is great too. Very tastefully executed and deepens the experience of watching the film.

Rent Frozen River. This is what independent films should be doing all the time. It explores the kind of characters we never get to see in mainstream films (dig that opening shot) and heightens the reality of their lives through a pleasing, tense drama. Really a marvelous little film.