Thursday, September 29, 2005

2 days to go. (in the valley)

Dosmo Pizzo: You better tell him I'm not fucking around, Susan.
Susan Parish: He's not fucking around.

In the interests of transparency, I will inform you that I am using IMDB to open most of these posts with a movie quote. Seems appropriate. I don't want anyone thinking that I just remember these quotes like some sort-of savant. I'm no savant... I'm not even an idiot. I am a messy eater though.

And speaking of 2 Days in the Valley, we only get two days in the valley but three days of the condor? And SEVEN days in may? Jesus, I might as well just kill myself.

I'm grateful for the positive feedback I've gotten from some people. It makes me feel not so crazy.

So here's what's in the queue: I'm planning on A History of Violence tomorrow, followed by Hotel Rwanda, Gates of Heaven, Seven Up, and Seven Plus Seven. There's some nice tangental linking going on there.

A shout-out to co-worker Chris Schneider who has a massive collection of rare horror and culty movies. I asked him if he could loan me ten really obscure movies for the times when Netflix hasn't kept up with me. He asked, "Like, what, like Night of the Bloody Apes?" I could only laugh and say, "That's exactly right." I didn't even know there was a movie named Night of the Bloody Apes.

oh man

This made me laugh. Hard. Solsibury Hill was a nice touch.

A Trailer for "Shining"