Thursday, October 27, 2005

The bastards

It's been a long time since a movie has made me as angry as Robocop 2. I have such vitriol and hatred for that movie, I cannot even begin to describe it, though it will probably be readily apparent in the "review" I will be posting later, a review that I had to start writing while the movie was playing because my feelings about what I was seeing were so strong. So, in response to yesterday's post about feeling like I'm on the cusp of something, I think I've fully embraced whatever it was I was bordering on since I have been unable to think of anything outside of Robocop 2 today. I think every single cell in my body is now magnetically attuned to my television screen at home, such that when I'm not in front of it, everything feels "off" somehow. It may be that I'm beginning to live in that cave Plato talked about, the electric shadows on my tv becoming my reality.

In other news, we carved a pumpkin last night. God I hate Robocop 2.


Ash Karreau said...

But Frank Miller wrote it! You don't want to piss him off, I've seen what he can do to people. Well, cartoon people.

Mugwump said...

Too true, Ash. Having a nebbishy psychopath chew your arm to a bloody yellow stump would impair your ability to use the DVD remote.

I remember thinking R2 (RC2?) was an astonishingly direct precursor when I watched Sin City. Being so smitten with the first 'Cop, my adolescent mind could almost forgive the plot, acting, etc, etc, of the second, but I kept being jarred out of the movie by noting every minute and a half, "Oh, Frank. Another scene framed like a comic panel?

David Wester said...

I don't really know Frank Miller's work, but if I what I saw from Robocop 2 and what I saw in Sin City is emblematic of what he does, I think I might have missed the boat on liking him when I turned 15.

Nayef said...

Robocops or some of the worst movies ever. I remember seeing the first movie with my mother. The who time I was thinking why did I choice this movie as my weekend treat. I felt so angry when she wouldn't let me choose another movie that I cried. Frank Miller should have been stoned for movies like that.

Sam Kahn said...
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Sam Kahn said...

Frank Miller was extremely unhappy with his experiences surrounding Robocop 2, and that made him reluctant to have any future dealings with the film industry until Robert Rodriguez stepped in and showed him what he could do with Sin City.

Excerpt from IMDB trivia:
"While producers loved 'Frank Miller' 's original version of the script, they quickly realized it was unfilmable as written. The final screen version was heavily rewritten and bears only a superficial resemblance to Miller's story."

So, in the end, Frank Miller had little to do with what you see onscreen in Robocop 2.

And mugwump, as far as framing shots like comic book panels in Sin City, that was the whole point of the style of the adaptation -- to translate the comic book to film as closely as possible. The comic book in itself is very filmic. I remember the first time I read a Sin City book, my first impression was "I just read one of the best movies I've ever seen." And either way, while the visual style of the movie is nearly identical to the comic book, Robert Rodriguez was responsible for the movie, not Frank Miller.

(Note: I removed my previous comment because of typos, and this is a repost.)

Tibetan Underworld said...

How could you not love the masterpiece that was Sin City, David?

Beauitifully filmed, cleverly scripted.
Never have I seen a film create such depth in characters through such subtle inferences. Very insightful character portrayls, I thought.