Friday, October 28, 2005

Ooops: Woman vs. A Box of Dirt

I realize now that I've made an error, that the timing of the man v. nature week will start for the readers of the blog, not on the 29th, but on Sunday, the 30th. For the record here's the final list:

1. Lost in La Mancha
2. Fitzcarraldo
3. Little Otik
4. Walkabout
5. Go West
6. The Endurance
7. Gerry

Thanks to Rebecca earlier for suggesting a Shackleton movie (though not the one I chose). And Ash for inspiring me to keep Gerry on the list. I'm sad to lose C.H.U.D. but it might come back when I do a horror movie theme in time for Christmas.


Ikin said...

You will want to cry when you watch Lost in La Mancha. It's heartwrenching.

Sam Kahn said...

It really is.

Ash Karreau said...

Same with C.H.U.D..