Monday, October 17, 2005

The Rules of the Game

Editor’s note: These reviews are getting later and later, aren’t they?  I’m having some trouble keeping up.  Heh.  This is getting fun.  For the record: the rule is I post the review before I go to bed.  Not some, “ah! It’s not up by midnight!  I got you!  You’ve failed at your blog!” Gremlins-style rule.  Though if I eat after midnight, I sometimes dream of kissing a mogwai.  And sometimes, if I get wet, balls of fur pop out of my back.  But the fur thing is a medical condition known as mogwaitis.  It doesn’t result in gremlins.  But if you like Gremlins, you’ll love the Kappa!


Ash Karreau said...

That's exactly how it starts. Soon, you'll be reviewing films you haven't even seen, and then making up movies. I'm pretty sure people already don't believe Dr. Goldfoot actually exists.

David Wester said...

I'm not sure I believe in Dr. Goldfoot.... or Jesus for that matter.

M. Gants v4.0 said...

You are almost there....but didn't you allow yourself a few off days in your statement of values? Perhaps you need a break...maybe spend some quality time chumming it up with the Gremlins and their Kappa cousins.

David Wester said...

I allowed myself days off, but I don't want to use them if I don't have to. Last night's late post was my fault entirely. Just need to manage time better.

matt said...

It's good of you to admit last night was your fault. I was beginning to worry I'd done something wrong.
Also, I checked out the page on Kappas and I'm a little disappointed to find nothing on the subject of rape. Like the Oni, the Kappa rapes women. I'd like for your female readers to know this and be prepared!

David Wester said...

You heard it here first, ladies, watch out for the Kappa!

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