Thursday, October 06, 2005

The wait is over.

So, last night I watched Zardoz. To most people, saying you watched Zardoz would not be anything of note, but to me it was significant. When I was about 12 years old, I had a VHS copy of the movie Aliens, which, at the time, was my favorite movie. I watched that thing over and over again.

The important thing to note re: Zardoz is that at the beginning of the tape there was a 5 minute or so promotional thing about 20th Century Fox’s video line. They ran through many movies that had just been released to own and Zardoz was on there. It looked interesting, Sean Connery on horseback, a giant stone head, people in long flowing robes, and a generally weird sci-fi feel to it. I was very into sci-fi at the time and thought Zardoz looked quite interesting. But I never watched it.

Over the years, Zardoz took up some space in my mind. Every now and then I’d think about watching it, but other movies always took priority. In the past few days up to Zardoz’s arrival (via Netflix), I thought to myself... oh man, it’s coming... Zardoz... fucking Zardoz man. I had waited almost 15 years to see this film. And as the day of Zardoz’s arrival approached, when I spoke of it I referred to it not as Zardoz, but fucking Zardoz, man. And today as I sit here, I realize, I’ve finally seen fucking Zardoz man. That’s a good feeling. I’ll post about my thoughts about fucking Zardoz later tonight, but right now I’m just satisfied that fucking Zardoz will no longer be one of those movies that I’ve never seen. Fucking Zardoz, man.


Anonymous said...

I am fascinated to note that your Google ads are suddenly for yoga and pilates lessons. Perhaps "fucking Zardoz, man" is a common shamanic mantra in these areas.

David Wester said...

Perhaps they are responding to the word Sponsorificness or Chum

but yeah, whenever I say fucking Zardoz, man, I get into a medititative state

Anonymous said...

there is one scene in fucking 'zardoz' man that i rewound and watched over and over and over, when these (and i haven't seen it in a while) advanced upper class creatures speak in a different language. all i remember is that i laughed so very very hard. wondering if i was just drunk, or if infact it is hilarious.

lemmie know o guru of bloggie, please describe, i miss that memory...