Thursday, November 17, 2005

The George Miller/Romero post

George Miller made the Mad Max series. Now he's making this: Happy Feet. It's true he made Babe: Pig in the City, but that had, among other things, a nice Dickensian quality that actually felt dangerous at times. This looks like it has a nice Disneyensian quality circa the year 2000.

I was into penguins before penguins were cool.

Then I saw this posted on GreenCine Daily and thought I'd share. An analysis of Land of the Dead. I enjoyed reading it, though the movie's definitely not aging well within me. In particular, I think Big Daddy's makeup was a Big Daddy mistake.

We can only hope that Tom Savini can someday preserve the Romero dynasty with Vampirates. Ah, Vampirates. Why don't you exist right now???


matt said...

Alright, I know everyone's luke warm to unhappy with Land of the Dead, but I thought it kicked ass. I just watched the director's cut dvd and I thought it kicked even more ass. Does anybody agree?
I'd also like to say that I thought the gore was excellent. Gore will never have the same shock value it did when you're a kid seeing flesh being chewed for the first time. That's obvious and probably condescending, but it seems there's a tendency to rate gore on a warped system of comparison. Comparing the impact the gore of Land of the Dead makes on a 30 year old man to the impact the gore of Day of the Dead made on that man as a ten year old boy is wrong.
We need to sit down a ten year old boy who has seen neither and show him both. We could see which scares him more. And that boy could learn something about himself.

David Wester said...

Not complaining about the gore at all. It was good gore. Very good gore. Vidalish gore.

It's just slowly diminishing in quality the more it sits in me. I love a lot of things in it and I think the visual quality of the zombies makes it the first time zombies have actually been somewhat scary since Return of the Living Dead 3 or hell, maybe since Lifeforce. But I can't get over that shot of Big Daddy rolling the lit cannister down the ramp... there's no need for that. What's important in that scene is Hopper vs. Cholo.

matt said...

yeah, it's not a perfect movie. And I wasn't accusing you, in particular, of badmouthing the gore. Just, in general, I think people have given the movie a raw deal.