Monday, November 14, 2005

I think the Google Ads are trying to tell me something.

I just noticed, at least this morning, that my google ads are all for things like life changing books and you can do it pamphlets.

Got rested and caught up this weekend as I'd fallen behind and was writing about movies I'd watched the same evening as the review, rather than having a full day to think about them like I usually do. This results in reviews like the one for Parents where I'm not sure what I'm saying but blunder on ahead anyway.

My netflix queue is lagging behind, so I may actually have to set foot in a theatre sometime soon.


Ash Karreau said...

Yeah. For a guy who loves movies so much you sure don't, um, go see any.

David Wester said...


Duke said...

Ain't Ash a stinker!

David Wester said...

He sure is, but for a guy so in love with himself, he sure has an awful lot of pseudonyms.