Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Movie Gods grant me favor

Yesterday I pined for something life-altering, and boy, did I ever get it. No, it's not Reflections of Evil (I swear I'll get to that, probably in December) but Walkabout. The movie was a revelation to me and one I will not forget for many a year.

And then there's this. An article claiming all of Star Wars as one big postmodern art film. I don't agree, but I love the concept.


sarah said...

I agree, Walkabout it life altering. I saw it when I was about the same age as the girl, and since then I have seen it numerous times.
Most memorable for me that first time was their inability to understand that the aboriginal boy's language was different and that of course he couldn't know what they were saying. O think they first just thought he was stupid.
It was one of those life changing experiences for me when I was a kid.

KL duPre' said...

Like Sarah, I was about the age of the girl in Walkabout when I first saw this film. Wonderfully, I saw it in its full glory on the big screen the year it came out. All aspects of the film from script, to cinematography, to direction and acting made a deep impression on me. This tragic character driven story of culture clash, childhood and coming of age, with its moody sense of time and place, is one of the classics of auteur film.

vow said...

I agree also, Walkabout was a movie i saw about 5 years ago and i still remember it vividly, not only is the cinematography great, but the plot was pulling and the whole movie was a pleasure to watch. When i say pleasure i am speaking in terms of fluidity. Once again, walkabout was a fantastic movie and i highly recommend it.

Ikin said...

I saw this in college when one of my professors did a semester on Peter Weir.

Gorgeous film, eh? said...

Yo! One movie a day is what I do every day!

Mr. Captain Magnficent said...

" "They all depend upon absurd coincidence to propel the story forward. Just what are the odds, in just one of near-infinite examples, that of all the planets in that galaxy far, far away, the droids should end up back on Tatooine..."

The writer neglects the idea that R2D2 is the architect of the whole thing."

-Nate Grubb