Monday, November 07, 2005

New TV

In a whirlwind decision, last night a new TV was purchased. No one will believe this, but thus far I have been watching most of these movies on a 13 inch screen. I've upgraded to 20 inches now, which is easier on my eyes, but harder on my luddite status. It's a fun new toy with a fantastically small remote control that is white and somewhat translucent looking. Tara dubbed it a "ghost remote" and thus, I now feel a little closer to my deceased ancestors as I turn on the TV by pressing down on their ectoplasm. SPOOOOOOOKTACULAR!


duke said...

Last night I had a dream my grandpa and you were watching something together. I think it was a movie.
good remote.

Omer said...

You're right, it's unbelievable. Even on a 20-inch screen you're still not getting the full 'cinematic experience' some of the original film-makers had in mind. Still, its great to see someone not falling for that commericalist crap.

Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your reviews on this blog. Man, I thought I had a passion for film but you seem to have a different approach to reviewing and, for me at least, its refreshing to see. I like the variety of films you've covered so far, some of which I hadn't heard of, which just shows how little I know. Of the ones I have seen I don't always agree with your review but its just great to read and understand someone elses take on the same piece of art.

As for your luddite status? Well, you could have gone for the 44-inch plasma TV with Dolby 5.1 surround sound system (plus the rest). But you didn't so that's a good move. I assume you're watching on VHS too. Fantastic. And the fact that a remote control is a source for comment almost goes in your favour until you describe it as a fun toy (I think a subscription to a boys-toys magazine is just around the corner). But alas we are talking about a blog here so I'm afraid I have to quickly and permanently expel you from the Luddite Society. Sorry, but you should have though of that upfront. A commendable effort though. Please, no crying.

Great blog, fascinating reviews, keep going.

13-inch screen?????