Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Quotation marks around my heart

Just noticed that apostrophes and quotation marks are all insane on some individual pages. I will try and fix this over the Thanksgiving break but it's a big job so we all may have to live with it as my laziness often gets the better of me.

In the meantime, god damn Ingmar Bergman and his pointed, invasive style of filmmaking. I watched Fanny and Alexander last night and, despite its running time of three hours, sat rapt for the whole thing. I can't shake the movie now; it's deeply embedded into my head. And I have no idea what to write about it since it's such a rich and filling experience to watch. I'm sure I'll come up with some way to express the experience. But it's a peculiar phenomenon I've noticed in writing this blog that the C.H.U.D.s of the world are so much more fun to write about than these movies that shake the foundations of my cells. It's probably because something like Fanny and Alexander is so complete, it requires nothing from me but to watch it, while C.H.U.D. is so very, very incomplete I get to add to it in a way that makes me feel smart and clever, stroking my ego all over the place. Writing about Fanny and Alexander feels like trying to add the arms to the Venus De Milo. That is to say: futile.

edited to add: It apperas that the quotation/apostrophe thing is a Mac/PC issue. Hmmm....


Crritic! said...

I understand! Many times I've seen something truly great, like Herzog's "Enigma of Kaspar Hauser" recently, and collect my thoughts for a while, always intending to write something profound about it. Of course it never gets done, but meanwhile I can write happily for hours about some crappy DVD I got on the weekend.

However, you should know that we are waiting to hear what you've got to say about "Fanny and Alexander", so you can't skimp on this one.

Keep up the good work.

David Wester said...

Thanks... I think I am managing to work something out with my brain where it can form coherent thoughts about it.

And the idea that anyone would actually be waiting to hear what I have to say about a movie is odd to me, but nonetheless complimentary. Thanks again.