Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The remains of the day

I'm not entirely sure where the confusion lies, but I've seen a couple of comments and emails over the course of the past month indicating that the commenter thought I was only doing this for 1 month. Well, the plan is to keep doing it until January 1st, on the verge of tears though I may be. The first month rocked, but one thing I didn't expect is that the month would fly by in a cinematic daze. It's November 1st and I have about 60 more days of this, which will also surely fly by. I mean, I've forgotten entire movies that I've watched. Rasputin? Did I watch that? And what's striking is how memorable some movies are... the other day out of the blue I made a reference to Who's That Girl?!

I'm still waiting for that movie that rocks my world so hard I can't forget it for the rest of my life, though. But, then, I wonder if I will be able to appreciate something in that way given my current oversaturated state.

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John said...

Reflections of Evil awaits you. It's such a mindblowing movie experience you'll never want to watch another movie again. And you might want to blow your head off.