Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Too tired to die

I've been swamped, too busy to post anything other than my nice reviews. And by nice, I mean, somewhat lacking.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what should happen here after January 1st? Should this site sit, unupdated, collecting dust on the shelf of Internet antiquities? Should I post randomly? Anyone out there want to take up the challenge of one movie a day for x months?


Redphi5h said...

Maybe you could leave this one up without adding to it, as it had a singular purpose, and start a new blog with less regular reviews, or a more eclectic mix of things. I enjoy reading your reviews, so I hope you go on in some form.

mr. captain magnficent said...

never stop writing a review a day.
i'm outside your window.
come Prometheus...

zora said...

this time, i agree with redphi: leave this blog as it is, but start another. for me, you don't have to post one review a day, but i feel with the captain: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease keep on writing reviews!
if i felt that i could be as insightful and eloquent as you, i'd take up the challenge (out of work in a months), but given my lacks, well... maybe i'll try writing one or two reviews... but don't nail me to it.

Ted said...

It's hard writing reviews -- even "nice" ones. I keep a review blog for myself, and even with writing a couple (ish) of reviews a week, it's hard work.

Multiply that by the quality and thoughtfulness of your reviews, and I can't imagine the dauntingiosity of the task you've taken.

And yet...and yet....this is the one site I go to daily. Your reviews are always cogent, always worthy. I'd miss 'em.

If you were to set this blog in stone after your three months, I hope you will still continue (on a less regimented basis, perhaps) to write and review; and I hope you will let us all know where you're doing that.

This is a remarkably good blog.

Does not play well with others said...

My vote is for leaving this blog as is and starting a new one with less frequent reviews. I really like your writing style, and you do seem to have a unique insight into movies.

jojoware said...

My vote would be to add some more writers, have each take a day of the week, and collectively we keep it going at one review per day. Each person doing one review per week isn't too difficult.

I wouldn't expect all of them to have the same quality or tone as your reviews, but diversity of opinion is a good thing as well.