Friday, November 04, 2005

The wiggling, loose ends of timespace

The dirty not-so secret of doing this blog is that watching a movie-a-day is easy, writing about a movie a day is hard. As the President would say, it's hard work.

But in the process of writing about a movie a day, there are a few things that I meant to say in a review but didn't get around to or couldn't fit into the loose structure that emerged randomly from my clackity-clackings.

For some reason, something I wanted to say about First Blood has refused to die in my mind.

And that is this: There's a truck chase in the middle of First Blood that contains elements so similar to the truck chase in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The way it's shot, edited, and especially how Stallone acts in this sequence are so very alike to the Indiana Jones one, that I wondered if a lawsuit had ever been filed. And if not, if I could file one on behalf of a movie. There, I said it. I can sleep now.

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