Thursday, November 03, 2005


Last night while watching a Buster Keaton film, Go West, the DVD from Netflix was so badly scratched it crashed my DVD player.

I didn't know that could happen.

I managed to get through the movie, despite the fact that watching it was at times like trying to see a movie through a post-modern video game of squares and lines and bad synthesized music.


Joseph Cheng said...

Congrats on getting on Blogs of Note!

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Ash Karreau said...

Yeah, you can crash DVD players alright. My Panasonic hasn't been the same since I tried to clear its palate after a viewing of Boogeyman by watching a slice of American processed cheese.

David Wester said...

All my cheese is still in VHS. I figure I'll wait until the HD players come out to upgrade.

Daniels brothers said...

I'm going to be reading your blog a lot mor often. Matter of fact when I get a chance I'll send you my movie ideas for some much needed critique.

David Wester said...

Daniels brothers: Sounds good. I think I'm going to lose a whole bunch of readers when I fall off of the "blogs of note" frontpage thing. Fame is so fickle... I'd love to discuss movie ideas.

dweebisis said...

gGreat stuff. Great attitude. I hope you get a great career. But don't count on it.