Thursday, December 15, 2005

Eggs 'n toast

Appropos nothing.

I saw Kong and suffice to say I liked it, even loved it, but had some serious reservations. A more formal and probably rather lengthy reaction will be posted in the eve as usual. I've got some serious stuff coming up now, more Godard, Bunel, and Roeg to sift through.

Was thinking this afternoon of a triumphant Mel Gibson a la Dino DeLaurentis via John Belushi when the somewhat overblown Kong fails to overtake the equally overblown Passion of the Christ at the box office: Nobody cry when Kong die! Whe my Jesus die, everybody gonna cry! And when he come back to life, everybody gonna laugh and look atta one another and say, "how he do dat?" and then they gonna aska me, "How he do dat?" And I'm gonna say I dunno either and then they gonna cry some more and beg me to tell them, but I just gonna smile and tell them to cheer up and have some sherbert. You know the sweet sherbert that when they eat it, it's a penetrating feeling and they gonna cry. And the sherbert, it'sa so sweet, it makes the baby jesus weep in pain. And that's why the people gotta cry, because God sent down his only son to eat our sherberts.


Ikin said...

I thought the first 20 minutes of Kong were "hey look, it's New York"... "OOH OOH did you see our vintage costumes?" "Okay, how about KIDS in vintage costumes???" Then it got amazing.

Then I cried like a baby for like, the last hour.

David Wester said...

Peter Jackson/Fran Walsh chanting in the back of the theater: Rah rah rah! See our vintage costumes!

I didn't quite have that reaction. I thought the opening sequence was quite effective at placing us in the right spacetime. I think there's a lot of unearned sentimentality at the beginning of the film, though.

And I've never seen dog's penises get so viscious before.

Ikin said...

That is exactly what I thought they were.

Cam commented that at least Andy Serkis got an extended death scene. I said "yeah, and he got to get killed by giant penis leeches".