Friday, March 28, 2008

Comment troubles & other stuff

Something's going on with the comments... I'm not getting emails when I receive a comment anymore. So, to all who have commented since the There Will Be Blood review, I just saw them for the first time! Most importantly, I was asked if I will take requests on films to review and the answer is yes.

1900 was fun to live blog. I think it pretty well documents how I watch movies. I am extremely generous and excited as I begin to watch most films. With 1900, I had reservations, but was "with" the movie for an hour and a half and then slowly began to feel the piece unravel. But even though it lost me, I was still willing to stick with it and find the pearls that it had to give. This is how I watch movies. It's also an embarrassing document of how easily I lose track of who's who in films. It took me several viewings to fully understand the relationships in the Godfather films.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you plan on taking requests ---you're like a movie review/performance artist.

Will get those requests ready asap and make sure u haven't already watched these flicks.

( nervous about my use of your and you're )


David Wester said...


You should be nervous. You should be. Heh heh heh.

Anonymous said...

i'm really working on
you're your
it, it's
and they're their....
these bite your ass when u least expect it.

i think there should be some fun PSA'S running on TV to politely remind people how to use these words, along with all that don't touch your pets for too long and stay off drugs stuff.....